EditShare Shows Lightworks Pro Running on Mac, Linux and Windows at IBC 2013


IBC attendees get a sneak peak at soon-to-be released features, including new AJA Hardware Options, Screen Capture capabilities and Export to YouTube

IBC2013, 7.B26

EditShare®, the technology leader in shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions, will be demonstrating its Lightworks Pro editor running on Mac, Linux and Windows at IBC2013 (stand 7.B26). The tri-platform editor has reached a groundbreaking 600,000+ registered users and is the tool of choice for editors working on a wide range of critically acclaimed films. “With a sizeable and very active Lightworks community behind us, we have an enormous amount of valuable feedback and are able to aggressively develop Lightworks with distinctive features that resonate with the editing community,” states Matthew Sandford, global product manager, Lightworks. EditShare’s Lightworks R&D team drives some 26+ public beta cycles and aims to push out four major releases per year.

IBC attendees to the EditShare stand can test-drive the latest Lightworks innovations at the Lightworks Bar. In addition to Mac, Linux and Windows support, new Lightworks features shown at IBC2013 include:

Support for all AJA video I/O devices including lo XT and KONA LHi (Pro version only; Windows or Mac)
Screen Capture Recording (Pro version only)
YouTube Export Option for Windows, Mac and Linux (Pro version only)
Multicam improvements including: simple panel for creating and syncing clips together; sync groups now automatically sync to the record edit; ability to easily swap a clip in the timeline for another clip in the sync group, using drag and drop, clicking a menu or pressing a shortcut key; and ability to create a random edit from the sync group
User Interface changes including: timeline indicators on tiles; rulers on timelines; scalable user interface allowing support for Retina displays; and appearance changes: Scale, Window Color, Text Color, Heading Color, Subheading Color, Selection Color, Brightness, Typeface and Wallpaper Image
Curve Color Effect
Avid DNxHD MOV Export Option (Avid DNxHD License only)
Enhancements to the Key Assignments Panel including: ability to create Macros from key assignments and to search the panel for the command


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