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Land-Based Casinos Embrace 3D Technology; Could Online Casinos be Close Behind?

Tech could open up a new host of opportunities for online casino owners, game developers, and players In the last half-decade or so, stereoscopic 3D was touted as the next big thing in entertainment. The push for 3D entertainment spawned [more...]

Prime Focus Blasts Off With Gravity

By Al Caudullo, A Conversation with Richard Baker and Matthew Bristowe The film opens like a 3D IMAX documentary. Astronauts floating in the largest void possible, space. The 3D draws us into an incredibly immersive 13 minute opening scene [more...]

Creating the 3D in Gravity

By Debra Kaufman, Creative COW Director Alfonso Cuarón has been at work on Gravity for five years. For almost as long, Prime Focus World has been working on the film’s masterful 3D stereoscopic conversion. Whereas 3D can be an after-thought [more...]

VQMT3D Project: Report 4 on S3D Films Quality Analysis

By MSU Graphics & Media Lab (Video Group) The report presents detailed (301 pages) evaluation results of 5 S3D films, which were captured with stereoscopic camera systems. Analysed films A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011) Pina (2011) Resident [more...]

VQMT3D Project: Report 3 on S3D Films Quality Analysis

By MSU Graphics & Media Lab (Video Group) The report presents detailed (305 pages) evaluation results of 5 S3D films, which were converted to S3D format in post-production. Analysed films – Alice in Wonderland (2010) – Clash of the Titans [more...]

LG OLED TV Display Technology Shoot-Out

By Dr. Raymond M. Soneira, President, DisplayMate Technologies Corporation Introduction Displays with Organic Light Emitting Diodes, OLEDs, are the most interesting and promising new display technology in over a decade – possibly ever. In a span of just a few [more...]

An In-Depth Look at House of Wax

by Bob Furmanek and Greg Kintz The most successful 3-D film of the 1950s – and one of the greatest stereoscopic features of all time – has just been restored from the original 35mm YCM separation masters. The restoration is [more...]

Prime Focus Brings The Last Emperor into 3D

Debra Kaufman

By Debra Kaufman, Creative COW Magazine Rumors had buzzed for two years that director Bernardo Bertolucci was interested in converting his masterpiece The Last Emperor to 3D. That became a reality when the 3D version debuted at the Cannes Film [more...]

The Power of Social Networks, 3D Documentaries and 3D Feature Films to Promote Environmental Intelligence

Barry Sandrew-75x75

By Barry Sandrew, Ph.D., Founder and CCO/CTO, Legend3D Excerpt from Invited Presentation to the World Cultural Forum in Hangzhau, China To Promote International Cooperation for a Healthy Planet: Immersive Stereo 3D Has Unique Educational Potential: However, to fully reinforce this [more...]

Sony Rolls the Dice on Vegas 12 Pro Suite


By Al Caudullo, So I went all in and rolled the dice on Vegas 12 Pro Suite and came up a winner! Of course the deck was stacked in their favor with a true suite of software products that [more...]