3D Impact Media Launches RealityCreator and RealityMapper 3D Post Production and Conversion Tools

3D Impact Media launches the RealityCreator and the RealityMapper at the animago Award & Conference in Berlin. The tools make it simple for visual effect artists to create, convert and postproduce 3D content. In addition, the tools bring 3D to the next level and make it possible to create glasses-free 3D content.

The RealityCreator enables the artist to upgrade 2D images or videos to 3D-ready content. This can be done fully automated or semi-automatically. The RealityMapper transforms your stereoscopic content (with 3D glasses) into autostereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D content. It also allows the correction of stereoscopic 3D material.

Due to the high demand in processing power, required for disparity map generation, as well as the market need for reducing cost in 3D postproductions and conversions, the libraries utilize CPU- and available GPU-acceleration. Both tools provide target device presets, multi-platform optimization, 3D geometry previews of depth- and disparity-maps and integrated analytical tools with the purpose of maximizing the 3D image quality and entertainment value. The conversion algorithms also provide all required means for interpolation of an unlimited number of virtual camera views of a given image.

The tools are also available for integration into 3rd-party post-production software. Current operating systems are Windows, Linux and Apple.

The RealityCreator and RealityMapper will be demonstrated with a trained artist at the animago Award & Conference in Berlin. We offer a special launch offer of either five day trial or a 50% discount on the monthly license.


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