Blackmagic Design Europe Office:
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Cheshire WA16 6LE
Tel: +44 (0)1565 830049

Leading the Creative Video Revolution

“Blackmagic Design is dedicated to allowing the highest quality video to be affordable to everyone, so the post production and television industry can become a truly creative industry” – Grant Petty, CEO.

Blackmagic Design creates the world’s highest quality video editing products, digital film cameras, color correctors, video converters, video monitoring, routers, live production switchers, disk recorders, waveform monitors and film restoration software for the feature film, post production and television broadcast industries. Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink capture cards launched a revolution in quality and affordability, while the company’s DaVinci Emmy™ award winning color correction products have dominated the television and film industry since 1984. Blackmagic Design continues ground breaking innovations including stereoscopic 3D and 4K workflows. Founded by world leading post production editors and engineers, Blackmagic Design has offices in the USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

Showcase: Blackmagic Design Offers Gound Breaking 3D Innovations

DaVinci color correctors have been the standard in post production since 1984. DaVinci is the name behind more feature films, television commercials, documentaries, television production and music videos than any other grading system. Thousands of colorists worldwide understand the performance and quality workflow of DaVinci.

DaVinci Resolve comes in three powerful solutions starting with DaVinci Resolve Lite that you can download for free. It’s extremely powerful with unlimited correction nodes, SD and HD resolutions, a single processing GPU and a single RED rocket card. When you need extra power for 3D tools, 2K, noise reduction, power mastering, remote grading and sharing projects with an external database server, upgrade to DaVinci Resolve Software. You get 32-bit float YRGB processing for all effects, power windows, tracking, primaries and secondaries, 3D object tracker and much more. Or if you want the speed and power of the amazing DaVinci control surface, as well as the DaVinci Resolve Software, purchase the full DaVinci Resolve model which includes a full license for Linux. Now you can really let your creativity soar!

The Teranex Processors iprovide more conversion than any other solution! Now you can convert the rising number of video formats seamlessly and at such a high level of quality that the output is indistinguishable in appearance from the original master! Choose either the single channel Teranex 2D processor or the dual channel Teranex 3D Processor depending on your needs.

When working in high end formats such as 4:4:4 and 3D, the Teranex 3D model includes dual SD/HD and 3 Gb/s SDI input and output for dual link 4:4:4 as well as single link 3 Gb/s SDI 4:4:4. The dual channels also allow true full resolution left and right eye 3D processing where both eyes are converted at the same time in perfect sync! When running true full resolution dual stream 3D, the HDMI connection and Thunderbolt capture and playback support dual stream 3D via the single cable.

Elegant, sophisticated and jam packed with the latest digital cinema technology, Blackmagic Cinema Camera gives your work that timeless feature film look. This compact camera features a machined aluminum chassis, interchangeable optics, high resolution 2.5K sensor, 13 stops of dynamic range and 12-bit RAW uncompressed and compressed ProRes and DNxHD file formats! Includes sun shield, power supply, carry strap, UltraScope waveform monitoring software and a full version of DaVinci Resolve Software for Mac OS X and Windows.

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K – the world’s most portable 4K digital film camera! Shoot Ultra HD TV or 4K feature films with the new Blackmagic Production Camera 4K. You get a large Super 35 size sensor with professional global shutter combined with precision EF mount optics, high quality visually lossless compressed CinemaDNG RAW and Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)™ file recording for a complete self contained solution. The built in touchscreen lets you monitor, change settings and enter metadata directly on the camera!

UltraStudio for Thunderbolt models are perfect for high performance work that demands the highest quality. With UltraStudio 4K you can capture and playback dual stream 3D stereoscopic or work at the highest 4:4:4 RGB and Ultra HD 4K resolutions. The built in 6G-SDI operates at 4 times the speed of a regular HD-SDI connection, which means you get Ultra HD 4K with only 1 BNC cable instead of the 4 BNC cables required in the past! This high bandwidth connection is perfect for full color resolution 4:4:4 video that’s great for video effects and high frame rate video up to 1080p60.

DeckLink 4K Extreme features a high performance design for working in the highest film quality! Get 4 times the resolution of 1080 HD with full Ultra HD 4K capture and playback using 6G-SDI and HDMI 4K support. DeckLink 4K Extreme includes single and dual channel SDI connections for both regular 2D and 3D stereoscopic workflows as well as full resolution color RGB 4:4:4 capture and playback. Includes dual link 6G-SDI, HDMI 3D/4K and analog component, composite, S-video connections. Work in SD, HD and Ultra HD 4K. Also includes AES and analog balanced audio, 16 channel SDI audio, genlock, deck control, broadcast quality up, down and cross conversion, plus built in SD/HD internal keyer.

HDLink Pro supports 3D monitoring for the latest 3D production workflows! HDLink Pro 3D lets you display both dual stream as well as interleaved 3D inputs and then display them on any compatible 3D DVI display or HDMI television. When used with a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, HDLink Pro 3D DisplayPort also supports HDMI 3D frame packing for compatibility with the latest full resolution 3D television.

Blackmagic UltraScope features a PCIe card with 3 Gb/s SDI and optical fiber SDI inputs that can be installed into an affordable Mac or Windows based workstation. The beautifully designed UltraScope interface lets you simultaneously view 6 live displays on a single low cost monitor. UltraScope automatically detects SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI video standards and provides technically accurate waveform monitoring that’s perfect for mastering, color correction, editing and much more.