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Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences

We help our customers create, deliver, and optimize compelling content and applications — improving the impact of their communications, enhancing their brands and productivity, and ultimately bringing them greater business success. Together, we’re turning ordinary interactions into more valuable digital experiences every day, across media and devices, anywhere, anytime. We offer our customers solutions in three critical endeavors:

Content authoring
Build content and applications with greater reach and stronger impact.

Customer experience management
Offer customer experiences that strengthen brands and improve efficiency.

Online marketing
Deliver and measure marketing effectiveness across a wide spectrum of screens and devices.

Showcase: Adobe Stereoscopic 3D Production

Stereoscopic 3D has come of age with the success of films like “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland,” and the entertainment industry is abuzz with interest in finding fast, efficient workflows that deliver quality results on reliable schedules.

Editing stereo 3D content: Adobe PremierePro and After Effects CS6 & CC and the Vision 3 QuickS3D plug-in

Adobe® Premiere® Pro and Vision 3 QuickS3D plug-in together offer a convenient, flexible workflow for editing stereoscopic content. The QuickS3D plug-in is capable of importing independent stereo pairs along with muxed side-by-side and over-under formats. There are precision tools for adjusting left/right alignment, convergence, vertical, rotation, scale, skew, and keystoning in S3D video footage. Edited S3D footage can be exported in a variety of formats conforming to 3D industry standards. Sign up now for the pro version of the QuickS3D plug-in to receive information about it’s release.

For the first time ever editors can now edit stereoscopic 3D content directly in Premiere Pro. Quick S3D is also available for After Effects allowing for changes in one program to be reflected in the other, taking advantage of the Adobe ecosystem.