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Kongsberg Offers Maritime OE14-530 3D HD Camera for Underwater Tele-Robotic Applications

The Kongsberg Maritime OE14-530 Underwater 3D HD Colour Camera provides real time stereoscopic images of the subsea workspace in high definition. With its wide field of view and factory-set optical alignment, the camera design has been optimised primarily for use [more...]

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Chroma Media Uses P+S Technik PS-Micro Rig in DeepSee-X Underwater 3D Production System

Impressive underwater stereo 3D footage from depth of 80m Thousands of caves are spread over the Yucantan peninsula in Mexico. In earlier times the living rooms of prehistoric people, they were holy sites for the Mayans. German archaeologists and divers [more...]

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Hydroflex designs Neutron BORG 3D underwater camera system

Element Technica, leading designer and manufacturer of 3D rigs designed to mount digital camera and lens pairs stereoscopically, announced that its Technica 3D Neutron rig, mounted with Silicon Imaging SI-3D camera system, can now be enclosed in the purpose-built Neutron [more...]

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