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NHK Media Technology Submits its Advanced Stereo 3D Transmission Format to ARIB for Standardisation

New 3D Broadcast System that is compatible with conventional 2D television sets NHK Media Technology, Inc. presents a 3D broadcasting system, “Advanced Stereo 3D (AS3D)”, which is compatible with existing 2D receivers. 3D broadcasts to date have compressed the two [more...]

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Setting Standards for High Frame Rate Digital Cinema

Dave Stump-75x75

By Dave Stump, SMPTE Working Group on High Frame Rate Cinema The SMPTE workgroup on High Frame Rate was established eight months ago, and is co-chaired by Michael Kargosian, Kommer Kleijn, a Belgium cinematographer, and me. The work group was [more...]

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DVB Steering Board Approves Phase 2a of 3DTV Specification

DVB Phase 2a DVB-3DTV-75x75

DVB is pleased to announce that at the 71st Meeting of the Steering Board, Phase 2a of the DVB-3DTV specification was approved. The specification will be submitted immediately to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) for formal standardisation. An amended [more...]

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CEA Announces Five New Standards Including 3D Video

Association Also Releases Technical Report to Aid Energy Conservation Efforts The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)(R) today announced five new standards, ranging in topic from accessibility to 3D video to wireless charging, which are now available to guide designers as they [more...]

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VESA Releases MyDP Standard Enabling Mobile Devices to Share Full HD Video and 3D Content on Any Display

VESA MyDP Standard-75x75

New Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP) Standard Delivers Industry’s Highest Mobile-to-Display Resolution through Existing Data Connectors The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) has announced the release of the Mobility DisplayPort™ (MyDP) Standard. MyDP is an extension of the DisplayPort connectivity standard that [more...]

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ITU Announces New Recommendations on 3DTV Programme Production and Broadcasting

ITU logo-75x75

Programming, picture quality and viewing comfort to be enhanced New ITU Recommendations on 3DTV will provide much needed tools to evaluate, make, and exchange 3DTV programmes. Intended to promote the further use of this format worldwide, the new Recommendations are [more...]

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ATSC Announces A/103 Standard for Transmission of Non-Real-Time Digital TV Content

Newly-minted ATSC A/103 Standard means new capability for feature-rich receivers, including ‘on demand’ broadcast TV channels, more detailed program information The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) today announced the approval of the ATSC NRT (Non-Real-Time) Content Delivery standard, a backwards-compatible [more...]

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ETSI Approves DVB-GEM 3DTV Profile for Plano-Stereoscopic 3DTV

The DVB-GEM (Globally Executable MHP) Profile for Plano-Stereoscopic 3DTV has been recently approved and published by ETSI (TS 101 600 V1.1.1). The profile specifies the extensions to the DVB-GEM middleware to enable applications that are aware of frame compatible plano-stereoscopic [more...]

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ITU and MPEG Agree to Develop 3D Extensions to H.264 and HEVC Standards

Meeting in Geneva, 30 April to 11 May, ITU-T Study Group 16 – ITU’s lead study group on multimedia coding, systems and applications – in collaboration with the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29 Moving Pictures Expert Group (MPEG) – agreed to the [more...]

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Digital Cinema Initiatives Announces Higher Frame Rate Review

Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC (DCI), announced that it is currently reviewing the development of voluntary guidelines or specifications related to the distribution of motion pictures in stereoscopic 3D at frame rates above the current 24 frames per second per eye. [more...]

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