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Cyclopital3D Launches Lens Accessories to Help Improve 3D Camcorder Results

Cyclopital3D line of Wide-angle Lenses-75x75

Cyclopital3D launches a unique line of accessories for Panasonic, JVC and Sony 3D camcorders that significantly increase the creative options for film-makers. Many 3D film-makers and hobbyists are utilizing high quality, low-cost camcorders to produce documentaries, films, and personal video. [more...]

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CAMERON | PACE Group Incorporates Vantage Film Hawk Anamorphic Lenses Into 3D and 5D Solutions

Companies Plan to Co-Develop New Anamorphic Solutions Specifically for Emerging 5D Category of Content Creation CAMERON | PACE Group – the worldwide leader in 3D production technology and services – today announced that it has partnered with Vantage Film to [more...]

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Thales Angénieux Offers Optimo 3D Ready Lens Package

Telling a story in 3D format is becoming increasingly popular in the industry and Thales Angénieux is helping cinematographers take that step with their Optimo 3D Ready Lens Package. Featured at the booth at this week’s NAB, the Optimo 3D [more...]

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Cooke Optics celebrates successes with 5/i, S4 and Panchro lenses

Lens sets being used on wide range of film projects Cooke Optics, the premier manufacturer of precision lenses for the motion picture industry, will be celebrating the continuing success of its lens sets – the top-of-the-line 5/i Prime lenses, the [more...]

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Ohio State University Engineers Invent Single Lens for 3-D Microscope

Engineers at Ohio State University have invented a lens that enables microscopic objects to be seen from nine different angles at once to create a 3D image. Other 3D microscopes use multiple lenses or cameras that move around an object; [more...]

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Technica 3D, Vision III Imaging and Thales Angenieux showcase integrated product for stereoscopic production

Technica 3D, pioneering designer and manufacturer of 3D Rigs, has teamed with Vision III Imaging and Thales Angenieux to showcase an integrated product for stereoscopic use at this year’s NAB Convention. Technica’s hardware precisely aligns and controls digital cameras for [more...]

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