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By the Numbers: A Round-Up of Recent Market Research on Stereoscopic 3D TV and Film


By Stella Plumbridge, 3Droundabout You may subscribe to the idea that ‘there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics’, but I confess I am addicted to the numbers, and if you are too, then you can find [more...]

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In-Stat Expects 7 Million Sales of 3D TVs in Europe in 2011

3D imaging, which adds depth to a 2D image, is receiving a lot of buzz and hype with an increasing number of 3D films being produced in a resurgence of interest from Hollywood studios.  3D has been popular in Hollywood [more...]

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In-Stat Predicts Number of 3D TV Channels to Surpass 100 by 2015

Early expectations of 3D TV were over hyped by the press, while current coverage laments the fact that 3D has not lived up to its promise. The reality is somewhere between the two extremes. 3D channels have been launched in [more...]

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In-Stat: 3D-Enabled Mobile Devices to Surpass 60 Million Units by 2014

The major movie studios are taking 3D content from cinemas to the home as TV manufacturers ship increasing numbers of 3D-ready TVs. While these efforts are aimed at the home theater environment, the trend is enabling the next evolution of [more...]

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