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WealthTV Commissions TV Pro Gear to Develop 3D Flypak for Live Events

WealthTV to Utilize the 3D Flypak™ to Broadcast Multiple Live Events for their Newly Debuted Linear 3D Channel, WealthTV 3D. WealthTV 3D, the recently launched 24/7 3D network from WealthTV, commissioned the development of the world’s first 3D Flypak™ from [more...]

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T-VIPS Video Gateways enable live 3D opera transmission

T-VIPS TVG450 JPEG2000 Video Gateway transmits the world’s first live 3D opera transmission over fibre in Stockholm T-VIPS, a global leader in professional video contribution and distribution solutions, announced that its TVG450 JPEG2000 Video Gateway helped make possible the live [more...]

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ASTRA Roadshows Demo Fibre IRS Support for HD and 3D

On March 10 the Royal Institute of British Architects in London hosted the first in a series of ASTRA roadshows demonstrating the benefits of a new and innovative system for TV reception in communal housing – the fibre integrated reception [more...]

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Preparing for 3D in the Home with Cables and Connectors


By Yasmin Hashmi, HiddenWires & 3Droundabout Go to any broadcast or home technology trade show and 3D is everywhere. It may not have taken off as dramatically as some expected, but the genie is firmly out of the bottle. 3D [more...]

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