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Buckingham Palace Confirms Queen’s Annual Christmas Message will be Broadcast in 3D

The Queen has “embraced” new technology and recorded her traditional Christmas broadcast in 3D for the first time, Buckingham Palace has announced. The festive message has gone hi-tech to allow viewers to scrutinise the Queen as never before in her [more...]

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BBC Continues 3D Trial with Mr Stink Family Comedy

From Kim Shillinglaw, Commissioning Editor, Science and Natural History and Head of 3D: Midway through the BBC’s 3D trial, our thoughts began to turn to trying out a comedy or drama in 3D. Having experimented with factual, CG (computer generated) [more...]

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Blackmagic Design Announces New Low Price for Compact Videohub

Blackmagic Compact Videohub

Blackmagic Design has announced a new lower price on its popular Compact Videohub to $2,995. Compact Videohub features 3 Gb/s SDI, ASI, auto switching SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI formats, full SDI re-clocking, USB, redundant power inputs, ethernet and [more...]

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Small Format Cameras for Stereo 3D Production

David Bush

By David Bush, Consultant and Director of Stereography Many Cinematographers have learned through years of experience how to make projected films look “three dimensional” on the big screen, even though they have been projected on flat screens. Lighting, lensing, colour, [more...]

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High Frame Rate Video Playback

RED Digital Cinema Professional

By RED Digital Cinema The advent of digital cinematography has opened up new creative possibilities for how motion is captured. This article explores the influence of high frame rate (HFR) video playback, along with the associated motivations and controversy, with [more...]

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3D in China: An Exclusive Look

Ian Jessel

By Ian Jessel, President, Legend3D China’s media and entertainment industry is predicted to grow at a 17% annual rate until 2015, significantly faster than the country’s economy overall. Part of that surge is driven by box-office revenues. China recently surpassed [more...]

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3D Tech: More Than a ‘Wow’ Factor for Educators

Linda Gedemer,

By Linda Gedemer, AV and Acoustic Consultant Although some educators see 3D technology as another tech gimmick, it has the possibility to revolutionize training in a host of disciplines–and cut costs. Mention 3D and everybody immediately thinks of movies such [more...]

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Crosstalk in Stereoscopic Displays: A Review

Andrew Woods

By Andrew J. Woods, Centre for Marine Science and Technology, Curtin University Abstract Crosstalk, also known as ghosting or leakage, is a primary factor in determining the image quality of stereoscopic three dimensional (3D) displays. In a stereoscopic display, a [more...]

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The Hobbit & The Dawn of High Frame Rate Cinema

Debra Kaufman

By Debra Kaufman, Creative COW Magazine Sony Imageworks 3D supervisor Rob Engle saw a screening of The Hobbit in HFR (High Frame Rate) 3D just days before the U.S. premiere. “I was astounded by one scene in Bilbo’s home, early [more...]

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Effective Variable HFR Post Production and Dailies Pipelines

Emily Carr logo

By S3D Centre, Emily Carr University of Art + Design To re-iterate: We are researching not only the standalone benefits of higher frame rates in S3D, but also the effect of VARIABLE HFR on aesthetic and immersion in the context [more...]

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