VQMT3D Project: Report 2 on S3D Films Quality Analysis

MSU Graphics & Media Lab

By MSU Graphics & Media Lab (Video Group) The report presents detailed (342 pages) evaluation results of 5 S3D films, which were captured with stereoscopic camera systems. Analysed films Dolphin Tale (2011) Drive Angry (2011) The Three Musketeers (2011) Hugo [more...]

Characterizing and Reducing Crosstalk in Printed Anaglyph Stereoscopic 3D Images

Andrew Woods

By Andrew J. Woods, Curtin University Centre for Marine Science and Technology, Chris R. Harris, Murdoch University, Dean B. Leggo, LabTech Training, Tegan M. Rourke, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Abstract The anaglyph three-dimensional (3D) method is a widely used technique [more...]

Megastereo: Constructing High Resolution Stereo Panoramas

Disney Research

By Christian Richardt (Disney Research, Zurich; REVES/INRIA Sophia Antipolis), Yael Pritch (Disney Research, Zurich), Henning Zimmer (Disney Research, Zurich; ETH Zurich), Alexander Sorkine-Hornung (Disney Research, Zurich) We present a solution for generating high-quality stereo panoramas at megapixel resolutions. While previous [more...]

The Filming of Carmen 3D – a case study

Julian Napier

By Julian Napier, 3D Director and Consultant Prior to Carmen I had had to rely heavily on US crews, equipment and post production; working with amazing 3D specialists such as the likes of stereographer Sean Macleod Phillips, Tim Sassoon at [more...]

Jurassic Park 3D: A New Dimension For A Modern Classic

Debra Kaufman

By Debra Kaufman, Creative COW Magazine If you liked Jurassic Park the first time around, you’re going to love it in 3D. If there was ever a movie that cried out for a third dimension, it was this one: T-Rex [more...]

A 4K, Stereoscopic Future

Vince Pace

Vince Pace interviewed by CAMERON | PACE Group CAMERON | PACE Group: What do you think was on people’s minds at this year’s NAB? Vince Pace: I believe the focus was on how emerging technologies, including 4K and glasses-free display, [more...]

High Frame Rate White Paper

Emily Carr logo mini

By D. Quesnel, M. Lantin, A. Goldman, S. Arden, S3D Centre, Emily Carr University of Art + Design This white paper reveals reports on the aesthetic experiments conducted by the S3D team at Emilly Carr with a focus on High [more...]

3D Video on Demand – Is there a demand?

Andrew Murchie

By Andrew Murchie, Stereographer Finding a market for independently produced 3D content is challenging; entry level requirements for delivering to 3D broadcast quality standards requires that you invest in high-end stereoscopic equipment along with hiring an equally high-end team to [more...]

Visionaries: Youth in 3D Event


By VividEcho On December 8th 2012 we (VividEcho) held a 3D event in partnership with the BFI Future Film and BoldFace Productions called Visionaries:Youth in 3D. We were lucky to secure world class 3D experts for a panel discussion that [more...]

Park Road Post’s Unexpected Journey

Dick Hobbs

By Dick Hobbs, Freelance Writer Posting The Hobbit was an epic in itself, involving massive amounts of data and workflows which had never been done before. “It’s Peter’s constant desire to push his story-telling forward that keeps us inspired down [more...]