Sony Launches LMD-3251MT Full HD 3D Monitor for the Medical Market

At MEDICA2013, Sony continued to redefine clarity and show how its peripheral products fit into every step of the medical workflow, from prediction and diagnosis to surgical intervention and beyond. On display were Sony’s imaging ecosystem, which continues to improve the quality of patient care while assisting radiologists, surgeons, consultants, assistant staff and students. Fully compliant with the latest medical standards, the latest generation of healthcare products also reflects key industry trends like the miniaturization of printers, for simpler integration and portability at the point of care.

One new addition to its ecosystem is the LMD-3251MT, a high-performance 32” Full HD Medical Grade monitor. It connects to a 3D camera system and displays smooth, high-resolution images that are viewed with the use of passive polarising glasses. With 1920 x 1080 resolution and a-Si Active Matrix TFT widescreen panel, surgeons and operating staff can capture and view high-resolution stereoscopic images. The monitor is also good for other environments where high quality 3D viewing is desired such as consulting rooms, clinics, conference halls and training suites.

The LMD-3251MT is just one example of how Sony is at the forefront of 3D technology.

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