Prime Focus Blasts Off With Gravity

By Al Caudullo,

A Conversation with Richard Baker and Matthew Bristowe

The film opens like a 3D IMAX documentary. Astronauts floating in the largest void possible, space. The 3D draws us into an incredibly immersive 13 minute opening scene that culminates in the most intense destruction imaginable.

Why uncut?

Alfonso Cuaron explained, “… The other thing was to create that reality those documentaries – those are one single shot. You don’t have intercuts or stuff. Want to represent a space mission almost with all of its finality before disaster strikes, and then the camera, from being objective becomes the point of view of the camera, and from that point on, the camera is a third character that is the audience POV. So the audience is experiencing this journey together with the characters”.

It’s took Alfonzo Cuaron five years of planning to bring the vision of Gravity to the big screen. Written by Cuaron and his brother Jonas with cinematography by Chivo Lubezki and Stereography by Chris Parks, Gravity blasted off from the box office and has been in high orbit ever since. Global Box Office receipts have hit over $360 million and still gaining attitude. Back on the ground the movie has garnered near universal praise including none other than 3D Admiral of the Fleet, James Cameron calling Gravity, “the best space film ever done”.

In a move that caused many 3D industry experts concern, Gravity was shot entirely in 2D and converted to 3D. In the past there’ve been some spectacular failures of 2D to 3D converted movies. But this wasn’t one of them. In fact many now say that this has truly legitimized the 2D to 3D conversion business.

I spoke with Richard Baker, Senior Stereo Supervisor and Matthew Bristowe, Senior VP Production, VFX and View-D, Prime Focus World, London, the exclusive 3D conversion partner. [more...]


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