Creating the 3D in Gravity

By Debra Kaufman, Creative COW

Director Alfonso Cuarón has been at work on Gravity for five years. For almost as long, Prime Focus World has been working on the film’s masterful 3D stereoscopic conversion. Whereas 3D can be an after-thought – quite literally when a classic movie is converted to 3D years after the fact for re-release – for Gravity, 3D was integral to the storytelling, nearly all of which took place floating in a very three-dimensional outer space.

Three years ago, says Prime Focus Senior Stereo Supervisor Richard Baker, Gravity Executive Producer Nikki Penny came knocking at the company’s London facility. “She’s a VFX producer in London so we knew her from previous projects,” said Baker. “She approached us about doing a conversion test based on the native 3D test shoot they did that threw up quite a few issues for them.”

The producers always knew Gravity would be a hybrid of CG and live action, but early on they hadn’t yet decided whether the 3D live action would be shot in 3D or converted. The production had done a test shoot in 3D, which involved placing the cumbersome 3D rigs inside the cramped space capsule. When Penny brought the 3D live action footage to Prime Focus World, she asked that they test 3D conversion by utilizing a single eye from the same footage. The results convinced Cuarón and producer David Heyman that conversion would not only look as good as shooting in native 3D, and would be much easier and more efficient to accomplish. [more...]

Source: Creative COW

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