SMPTE Runs ‘An Introduction to Holographic Television’ Webcast Today

SMPTE October Educational Webcast

TITLE: An Introduction to Holographic Television

SPEAKER: V. Michael Bove Jr., MIT Media Lab

WHEN: Oct. 31, 2013 at 17:00 UTC (13:00 EDT/10:00 PDT)

Widespread recognition of some shortcomings of “traditional” 3D TV and recent technological advances together create an opportunity for holographic 3D TV for entertainment, telepresence, and teleoperation. In this webcast, V. Michael Bove Jr. will review perceptual considerations for 3D TV, explain what true holographic television is (and how to distinguish it from things that marketers call holographic), and describe how recent developments in image capture, standardization, and computation may bring holographic television to market affordably — and sooner than many have predicted, co-existing with other kinds of 3D TV. He also will explain the range of light-modulation technologies that various research groups, including his team at MIT, are exploring in developing holographic video display systems.

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