3D Stereo MEDIA Announces The Lumiere Award for Outstanding Research in 3D

3D Stereo MEDIA announces that, on 6 December evening, during the Awards Ceremony of (3DSM), in the magnificent Royal Opera House of Liège, Belgium, a researcher will be invited on stage to receive a Lumiere™ statuette identical to those received in Hollywood, California, by Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee, and other world-reknowned directors and cinematographers for their outstanding 3D movies! This Lumiere™ Award will go to the authors of the combined best paper & best presentation at the “2013 International Conference on 3D Imaging (IC3D)”!

This prize is one of the “3D Technology Awards” from the “International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society (I3D&AIS)”, and it is the first from this Society for a research paper & presentation! This award recognizes outstanding 3D research that demonstrates significant innovation in the field of 3D. The Society also features “3D Creative Arts Awards”, also in the form of Lumiere™ Awards, given for the best 3D contents. The corresponding prizes for productions from Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa are also awarded at 3DSM.

I3D&AIS and 3DSM have thus, once again, joined forces to promote, in an innovative way, the development of 3D technology and 3D content throughout the world. Furthermore, 3DSM thereby demonstrates, once more, its determination to be at the convergence of art, science, technology, and businesss.

The creation of this new award is a way for I3DS and 3DSM to support the efforts of those responsible for many of the future marvels of 3D technology and contents. This award shines the spotlight on groundbreaking research and its related publications – in any aspect of 3D – of today’s best researchers and laboratories.

To win this golden Lumiere™ Award, YOU must submit your very best paper to IC3D! To allow as many people as possible to participate, we are extending the submission deadline to 22 October, which is strict and final!

IC3D is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society and that the proceedings of IC3D are archived on the IEEE Xplore digital library.


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