Blackcamsystem Shoots ‘Wacken 3D: Louder Than Hell’

Every year, metal heads from all over the world flood into the small village of Wacken, Germany for one epic festival of both metal music and lifestyle. For three days in August, nearly 75,000 fans populate “Wacken Open Air,” turning the sleepy town into a head-banging throb of endless movement.

In order to capture the energy and soul of “Wacken Open Air,” director Norbert Heitker, director of photography and producer Tomas Erhart, and their colleagues have used 16 3D cameras to shoot this year’s “Wacken Open Air” festival in real stereo 3D. The cameras take viewers not only among the crowd and soaring through tent cities, but backstage to experience the festival through the unique lenses of the legendary bands themselves (which include “Rammstein,” “Deep Purple”, “Alice Cooper”, “Motörhead”, “Anthrax”, and “Nightwish”).

Out of the 16 cameras, two were LMP1200HD mini cameras mounted on the B40 BlackcamSystem behind the drummers on each of the two stages.

The BlackcamSystem —one of the smallest remote-controlled camera systems of its kind — circled behind the band in order to provide unique, close-up shots impossible to be seen by the audience, putting fans right at the heart of the action.

In addition, the production of “Wacken 3D: Louder than Hell” was made into a 60-minute TV documentary by production company Totho, along with director Thomas Janze (founder of BlackcamSystem), camera crew Nina Berfelde and Oli Koeppel, and sound technician Nils Hoffmann. The documentary is currently in post production and is set to be aired alongside the cinematic release of the “Wacken 3D” movie.

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