Cyberlightning Joins EU FI-WARE 3D-Internet Development Project

Cyberlightning Ltd has been chosen as a partner in the European Union 3D-Internet development project FI-WARE. Cyberlightning Ltd is an Oulu-based 3D-Internet pioneer. The FI-WARE project develops a platform for the future Internet. The EU and European industry will base a joint development project of over 600 ME on the results of the FI-WARE project. The FI-WARE project consists of two phases with a total budget exceeding 66 ME. Cyberlightning Ltd was chosen as a partner for the second phase of the FI-WARE project, and is responsible for approximately 40% of the development work, budgeted 3,4 ME. This will create new employment and international business opportunities for Cyberlightning Ltd and other 3D-Internet companies based in Oulu.

Cyberlightning Ltd major developer of 3D-Internet technology in the FI-WARE project

Cyberlightning Ltd is a major developer of 3D-Internet technology in the FI-WARE project. This includes developing Oulu-based innovations into products. A concrete example is the integration of the realXtend platform with other European technologies, thus enabling the use of 3D virtual worlds with an ordinary web browser. “The results of the project will be public and free for access. The open source approach will affect future standardization of the Internet. The created platform will be a standardized part of the 3D-Internet, free for all to develop and utilize”, comments Esa Posio, Vice President, Cyberlightning Ltd.

The 3D Internet offers countless possibilities: virtual spaces will supercede web pages, interactive virtual learning environments will become common and virtual meetings will resemble face-to-face meetings and be more efficient. “In addition to networked virtual worlds the FI-WARE project provides tools for other application areas, such as Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things. The subprojects of FI-Ware are in line with previous Cyberlightning products and strategy. As a major developer in the FI-WARE project Cyberlightning Ltd is well positioned in the frontline of future Internet players”, says Jarkko Vatjus-Anttila, CTO, Cyberlightning Ltd.

Cyberlightning Ltd is an international pioneer in 3D-Internet development. Customers in both industry and services utilize Cyberlightning 3D products in marketing and sophisticated, operational service models. Cyberlightning Ltd provides solutions for several operating systems, devices and technology platforms. The long-time experience on 3D visualization and virtualization combined with the newest research results on 3D Internet and avatar technology gives a strong base for executing modern solutions for multiple purposes and business fields; The company is highly competent in visualization of big data, enabling impressive products for various marketing and business solutions.

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