3D Stereo MEDIA Announces Details for 2013 Event

3D Academy

The 3D Academy (3DAC) is an intensive two-day course in 3D stereography and stereoscopic-3D (S-3D) moviemaking. It mainly covers – in a balanced way – the technical and artistic aspects of the subject matter, and also addresses some of its logistical and business aspects.

3DAC consists in (1) lectures on the fundamental concepts of S-3D, (2) demonstrations and experimentation on a 3D rig, (3) a workshop on the financing and marketing of S-3D contents/movies (jointly attended by the participants of the 3D Content Financing Market), and (4) presentations of case studies in S-3D moviemaking.

Our 3DAC may bring significant benefit to you if you are interested in (1) developing S-3D equipment and/or S-3D software tools, (2) making S-3D contents, (3) understanding the underpinnings of S-3D for making business decisions, and/or (4) learning how to finance and market S-3D contents/movies.

To promote individual attention to the trainees and fast skill development, 3DAC is limited to about 20 participants.

3DAC is scheduled for 3-4 Dec (Tue-Wed). You’ll find a tentative program, the list of trainers, and other information at www.3dstereomedia.eu/3d-academy.

If you wish to attend the 3DAC, we suggest that you register without delay. Indeed, attendance is limited.

Professional conference (PCON)

The Professional Conference (PCON) provides pertinent, time-critical, hot information on all facets of 3D. PCON emphasizes the present and near terms, but also keeps an eye on the mid and long terms.

PCON features world-renown keynote speakers, such as (in prior years) Chuck Comisky, Ben Grossmann, Buzz Hays, Robert Neuman, and the late Ray Zone.

PCON is information-packed, fast-paced, compelling, mesmerizing. It is at the convergence of 3D science, technology, art, content, and business! It is designed to appeal to anyone with an interest in 3D.

PCON is scheduled for 5 (noon)-6 Dec (Thu noon-Fri). We will progressively update the list of speakers at www.3dstereomedia.eu/professional-conference, where you can find additional information such as a tentative list of sessions.

3D Stereo MEDIA International Conference on 3D Imaging

The “Scientific conference” of 3D Stereo MEDIA is the International Conference on 3D Imaging (IC3D). IC3D (“I see 3D”…) provides information on the latest results and developments in 3D research. It provides a way to anticipate what will soon emerge from skunk-works, research laboratories. IC3D emphasizes the mid and long terms, and the limits of the possible.

The scope of IC3D is ALL aspects – scientific, engineering, mathematical, … – and ALL applications of ALL forms – stereoscopic, holographic, integral, range, audio, print, … – of 3D.

IC3D consists in a series of presentations (oral or poster) of the papers submitted by authors and accepted after evaluation by reviewers.

IC3D is one of the main international conferences fully dedicated to all scientific and engineering facets of 3D (and not limited to specialized topics). It is unique because of its seamless integration in an event (3D Stereo MEDIA) that also covers the artistic, technological, content, and business facets of 3D, which IC3D attendees have the opportunity to experience.

If IC3D is your cup of tea, we count on you to submit one or more papers! You may then win a “Best paper award” at our Awards ceremony.

IC3D and the Professional conference (PCON) occur in immediate succession, forming a continuum from the mathematical details of 3D to the greatest S-3D contents.

By popular demand, access to IC3D is via a “FULL Pass” giving access to most components of 3D Stereo MEDIA (see Registration). For example, an IC3D attendee can continue on with PCON, and enjoy a refreshing change of information delivery.

IC3D is for anyone interested in presenting and/or discovering cutting-edge science, engineering, and research in 3D, and, thus, for scientists, engineers, academics, and researchers.

IC3D will be held on 3-5(noon) Dec.


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