Stereoscape Offers Exceptional 3D’s Glasses-Free Digital Signage Products in Europe and Russia

Stereoscape, a leading European 3D solutions provider, today announced the expansion of their digital signage product line under a new partnership with Exceptional 3D. The Exceptional 3D patented auto-stereoscopic 3D technology will be offered by Stereoscape and bring industry-leading glasses-free 3D products, creative services and digital signage solutions to the entire European and Russian markets.

“This agreement with Exceptional 3D is very exciting, as it offers affordable glasses-free 3D screens for the growing digital-out-of-home market. The new portrait size is filling a gap in the demand for these amazing screens in various marketing, communication and visualisation applications,” says Tomi Luostarinen, CEO of Stereoscape. “3D is the new frontier of digital creativity, and the new screens in our portfolio will provide a great platform for our comprehensive 3D solutions combining captivating content, interactive and other elements with advanced display technologies.”

With over 800 active locations already deployed, Exceptional 3D screens are a proven solution for glasses-free 3D digital signage and unique brand experiences. The HD commercial grade monitors are rated to run 50,000 light hours, an important feature in digital-out-of-home where amazing, immersive and engaging content is demanded for playback, 24/7. The auto-stereoscopic 3D technology is capable of playing both 3D content and legacy 2D content in sequence or at the same time through content management software while delivering an eye-catching 3D digital signage experience. This brings an entirely future-proof digital signage solution to retail environments, showrooms, events and a wide range of other vertical markets throughout Europe and Russia.

“We are thrilled about this new partnership with Stereoscape,” said Matthew Young, Managing Director for Exceptional 3D Europe. “Since entering into this area of the global market, we have strived to evolve with best in breed partners,” said Mr.Young, “and a partnership with Stereoscape could not be a more suitable fit for furthering the 3D digital signage mass adoption.” Mr.Young concluded in saying, “Stereoscape is a leading 3D solutions provider with an innovative team that thinks outside the box. We are excited because together we will take the customer brand experience to new heights in a highly energized digital signage market where the glasses-free 3D technology is sure to stand out in the crowd.”

The displays have a 90°+ viewing angle so multiple viewers can see 3D at one time. Landscape models are available in sizes: 23”, 32”, 46” & 55”. The new kid on the block is the PORTRAIT HD 3D screen, available in two sizes: 46” and 55”, which is the perfect solution for fitting any existing portrait type digital signage networks – with an option now to exploit the power of glasses-free 3D in these networks.

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