emotion3D brings Sisvel Technology 3DZ Tile Format to Nuke and After Effects for Glasses-Free 3D TV

IBC Stand B37, Hall 5: emotion3D will be demonstrating new features within the award-winning Stereoscopic Suite that facilitate 3D content distribution to “glasses-free” 3D displays – which give viewers a 3D impression without the need for additional headgear. The software plugins integrate into standard industry workflows such as Nuke from The Foundry and Adobe’s After Effects.

Between 13th-17th Sept. 2013, emotion3D will be demonstrating:

Efficient workflows for remastering stereoscopic content to glasses-free 3D
Input/output support for Sisvel Technology’s 3DZ Tile Format
Fine-tuning of depth impression via LUT depth manipulation
3D Visualization of perceived depth impression
Real-time 8-view rendering for glasses-free 3D displays

View Synthesis for Glasses-free 3D

Conventional stereoscopic 3DTVs show two slightly different perspectives of a scene that create a sensation of depth. Glasses-free 3D displays require additional perspectives, and for practical reasons these are typically synthesized from the stereoscopic version. The process involves considerable computing power, much of which goes into inferring and representing the 3D scene geometry as grayscale “depth maps” required for rendering the additional views.

The Sisvel Technology 3DZ Tile transmission format incorporates depth maps calculated prior to transmission, leaving only the new perspectives to be rendered at the glasses-free 3D display. This is an efficient solution that reduces the complexity – and therefore cost – of the display.

Post-Production Industry Workflow Support

The Stereoscopic Suite£ workflow is engineered to process large volumes of 3D footage efficiently with minimal user input, and is NVIDIA CUDA-accelerated to enable rapid remastering of 3D content libraries.

Numerous tools are provided to manually fine-tune the depth impression, including custom edge filters, non-linear depth manipulation and a 3D CAD-like visualization of how the resulting scene will be perceived on the target display.

The Stereoscopic Suite£ includes emotion3D’s Virtual View Synthesis technology, which reconstructs up to 8 new perspectives in real-time – enabling post-production artists to simulate the full processing chain and optically verify the results on the target display.


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