Avance Rapide Announces Screen4All Training Including Multi-Screen 3D Content Workshop

Reminder: Call for grant applications open until October 4th

Avance Rapide is proud to present its new Screen4All training session: Produce for New Screens. This course, sponsored by the EU’s MEDIA program, brings together a panel of international trainers with outstanding expertise. It will be held from November 19 to 21, 2013, in Paris, in synergy with the Satis trade show.

Screen4All offers an exceptional training course that provides its participants with the technological, methodological and economic skills that are required to produce contents for new screens (online TVs, tablets, smartphones).

Over the course of 3 days, a dozen European professionals and experts will intervene in the context of conferences and workshops. They will share their knowledge and experience on the production and distribution of contents on new screens.

Screen4All enables trainees to learn about opportunities related to adapting programs on various screens, whether online TVs, tablets or smartphones.

The following workshops are offered:

- New screens, new program formats
- Production for double screens
- Non-linear writing
- Funding for multi-screen contents
- Multi-screen 3D contents
- Production for online screens
- What we can learn from video game production
- New interfaces and new screens
- Producing a multi-screen short film

As the course is held at the same venue as trade show Satis, Screen4All trainees can also learn about the latest news in the audio-visual industry.

The course is geared toward authors, screenwriters, directors, production managers, program unit managers, technical managers, post-production managers, developers, writers, and teachers.

Five grants are offered to residents of the European Union. They cover the training costs, as well as travel and lodging.

Applicants should send the organizers a resume, cover letter and photograph. They may also complement their application with a presentation of their professional projects.

The deadline for grant applications is set to October 4, 2013.

Date: November 19 to 21, 2013
Place: Halle Freyssinet – Bd Vincent Auriol – 75013 Paris – France


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