Nike Uses TRIDELITY Glasses-Free 3D Technology in Paris Flagship Store

TRIDELITY AG, the technology leader and pioneer in the field of glasses-free 3D display technology, is now showcasing the new Nike soccer shoes HYPERVENOM at Nike’s Paris flagship store. As with all its products, Nike uses high-quality materials and the newest technologies, so it’s no surprise the company chose a compatible high-tech presentation medium to present its new shoes – the astonishing glasses-free 3D POS solution from TRIDELITY.

In order to convey to the end user the fascinating experience of wearing the all-new shoe, Nike went for TRIDELITY’s vivid visualization solution. Up and running since the beginning of August, the 3D display is incredibly realistic. Seemingly close enough to touch, a soccer shoe protrudes from the 2×2 (110 inch, 2.8 meter diagonal) large video wall in the Nike flagship store on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. The specially developed 3D film gives the shoe the appearance of a living and intelligent life-form, with smooth skin like a snake and the cunning of a scorpion.

The 3D effect can be admired with the naked eye, without glasses, to a viewing angle of up to 120 degrees. Should anyone doubt the benefits of glasses-free 3D displays, they will certainly find them on this installation: There is hardly a better way to demonstrate the marketing benefits of this technology!

“We want to deliver a surprise to the consumer with a revolutionary presentation method that offers an advertising experience that matches our clients’ products. We are delighted to demonstrate how good our 3D technology works out with such a worldwide-known athletic goods manufacturer as Nike,” says TRIDELITY CEO Michael Russo.

TRIDELITY has already received other requests for installations, so the company believes this is only the beginning of a trend toward an increased use of glasses-free 3D technology in retail and public areas.

TRIDELITY works with you on the right business plan so that your digital signage network leads to the expected benefits. Both financing the acquisition or rental as well as leasing options can be part of the solution. In addition TRIDELITY also offers the option to promote and sell advertising time on your 3D signage platform. This we do in cooperation with agencies well experienced and with excellent connections to the advertising business. Feel free to contact us – we will find the right conceptional solution for your signage project in 3D!

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