The Perceptual Awareness Centre Launches Vision Space

Ground-breaking new technology for visual media

The Perceptual Awareness Centre (PAC) is in the process of launching Vision-Space. Vision-Space is a new form of illusionary space not based on projected optics like photographic ‘pictures’ but on our perceptual structure dictating the format and dynamic of information exchange taking place within the phenomenon of vision that we experience as ‘images’. We generate the saliency of vision and the phenomenological issues dictate how we interact with the world. As such vision-Space is not on the 1,2,3D curve and identifies a new form of spatial awareness, ExpD or experiential dimension. Vision-Space has the potential to be a game changing technology.

Introductory presentations and test demos can be seen at:


Test demos:

Car demo
Embodiment demo
Butterfly demo

While the initial technology in the form of post-process software, is still at a developmental level it is being open sourced through PAC and Cardiff University’s computer science and informatics department to encourage applications across the twelve industries identified as potential markets.

PAC and the Vision-Space team are undertaking ongoing research and development involving:

- evaluation and improvements to the existing software
- increasing processing speeds to approach real-time speeds to facilitate introduction to simulation and gaming applications.
- The development of a second generation programming architecture involving a multidisciplinary research effort.

John Jupe, the inventor of Vision-Space, commented that: “Vision-Space will mark the start of a revolution in the way we generate and use visual media”, he continued “our old approach of creating imagery through binocular fusion techniques is over – there is no binocular fusion taking place in vision.”

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