Legend3D Enhances Pipeline with eyeon Generation

Leading Stereoscopic and Visual Effects studio, Legend3D, Inc., announced today the deployment of hundreds of licenses of eyeon’s latest Generation release.

“We have been fine-tuning our pipeline over the years to work as efficiently as possible, and Generation’s design and functionality is a natural fit for us. Even during the evaluation stage, eyeon provided such responsive help and guidance that we knew this was the way to go.”- Anthony Lopez, Director of IT, Legend3D.

With an increasing popularity among the larger studios, and with several key technology advancements such as high frame rate playback, logical effects stacks, event scripting to support Legend3D’s Nuke pipeline, and specific stereoscopic tools for both conversion and visual effects, eyeon Generation will soon become an integral part of Legend 3D’s day-to-day workflow.

Generation’s advanced scripting environment, which supports Python and Lua, takes an out-of-the-box application and allows companies with existing proprietary technologies to extend their capabilities with an elegant interface and comprehensive ease of use. Assigning shots is only the beginning as experienced pipeline integrators bind more of the workflow to create highly-efficient and financially-viable projects.

“We began the journey of developing Generation to add value to the Fusion shop. Today, we see how all studios require the right tools to significantly tighten their workflows and connect their pipelines as much as possible. We are anticipating great feedback from one of the most efficient studios out there – Legend3D.” – Joanne Dicaire, EVP Sales & Marketing, eyeon Software.


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