Snell’s Mike Knee Presents ‘New-Generation Scalable Motion Processing From Mobile to 4K and Beyond’ at IBC2013

Mike Knee, consultant engineer for research and development at Snell, has been chosen to present his technical paper, “New-Generation Scalable Motion Processing From Mobile to 4K and Beyond,” at IBC2013 in Amsterdam on Sept. 12 at 11:30 a.m. Knee’s paper will be presented as part of the “Cutting Edge 1 — Featuring High Dynamic Range Video” track. The paper will describe advanced algorithms for motion-compensated processing to meet today’s multi-platform delivery challenges in both live TV and file-based operations.

“Today’s broadcast video content is being viewed on the widest range of display devices ever known, from small phone screens and legacy SD TV sets to enormous 4K and 8K UHDTV displays. The growth in size and resolution is happening alongside many other improvements in gray-scale resolution, colorimetry, 3D, and especially higher frame rates,” Knee said. “These developments mean that the requirements for very high-quality, artifact-free conversion in resolution and frame rate have become more important than ever — but when it comes to motion processing, one size no longer fits all. In this presentation, I will describe how operators can achieve a balance across the full range of processing complexity and performance, and show how the trade-offs can be managed gracefully and optimally.”

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