3D Creative Summit Team States 3D Programming is Still in Demand

Despite the BBC ending its 3D trial good quality 3D programming is still in demand

BBC’s Head of 3D Kim Shillinglaw has announced that the BBC plans to ends 3D TV programming due to lack of appetite for the format in the UK.

The team behind the recent 3D Creative Summit at the BFI in London believe that the reason behind this decision by the BBC is not entirely reflective of audience desire for 3D.

In his recent blog John Cassy Head of Sky 3D confirmed that Sky believe there is a future for 3D, announcing that more than half a million Sky TV customers had signed up to watch 3D. According to their research Sky 3D viewers listed sports, movies and natural history as their favourite genres, and is therefore going to be Sky 3D’s focus – big event TV.

Kim Shillinglaw explained that one of the reasons she thought watching 3D had not taken off was because it is “quite a hassly experience in the home. You have got to find your glasses before switching on the TV”.

Leading technicians and TV manufacturers speaking at the 3D Creative Summit were confident however that high quality glasses free 3D TV’s will be available in merely 2-4 years time – at a price similar to today’s HD TVs.

Adam May, Co-Producer of the 3D Creative Summit explains: “The journey of 3D in the home is really only just beginning. Undoubtedly there are improvements in the near future with 3DTV technology, beginning with higher resolution screens. But the core concern for attendees at the 3D Creative Summit was not the functionality of 3D glasses at home, but rather that there was not yet enough 3D material made available to eager viewers.”

He goes on to add: “We feel that the reasons behind the halt of the BBC 3D trial are not in step with the film and TV industry as a whole. The over riding response from the 3D Creative Summit was one of real excitement and optimism”.

This view is shared by Carrie Wootten, Head of Commercial Development at Ravensbourne University, which specialises in digital media and design: “We are in no doubt that the UK is the centre of excellence for 3D production and we intend to continue to support the demand for talent across both the TV and film 3D markets. The level of interest from professional filmmakers for our up and coming 3D Bootcamp has been exceptionally high.”


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