Kongsberg Offers Maritime OE14-530 3D HD Camera for Underwater Tele-Robotic Applications

The Kongsberg Maritime OE14-530 Underwater 3D HD Colour Camera provides real time stereoscopic images of the subsea workspace in high definition.

With its wide field of view and factory-set optical alignment, the camera design has been optimised primarily for use in subsea tele-robotic applications, providing the ROV operator with a comfortable and natural 3D view of manipulator operations. The enhanced depth perception enables more accurate positioning, faster performance of tasks, and reduces the risk of damage. The OE14-530 is a multi-standard camera with the ability to select video formats. HD video output is available as dual HD-SDI digital data streams on coax or fibre connectors. CWDM wavelengths are also available. It is also possible to switch to high resolution analogue composite video output if HD is not required for certain tasks, or for use on ROV’s that are not yet equipped for HD signals.

The camera is compatible with a wide range of stereoscopic display and processing equipment, offering a choice of active, passive, or the latest glasses-free 3D display technology.

The Kongsberg Maritime hand-held IR remote control allows initial selection of single wire (tri-state), RS485 or RS232. It can also be used to pre-set the video format, white balance setting, and backlight compensation. In serial control modes, the Kongsberg Maritime Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides full control of all camera functionality via the serial link.

Key features

Real-time 3D viewing facilitates manipulator operation
Wide field of view provides optimum coverage
Multi-standard HD / SD video capability


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