Enhanced Dimensions Announces Crowd Sourcing Campaign for Crime Squad 3D Web Series

Enhanced Dimensions is proud to announce the launch of our crowd sourcing campaign for a new multi-part original Stereo 3d web series Crime Squad 3D, a comedy starring Amanda Marment and Tamas Fazakas and produced by Andrew Murchie.

Crime Squad 3D is the story of two hapless 1970’s cops as they bumble their way through their crime fighting duties. Episodes will run up to 10 minutes in length, and features a range of local talent. The series is filmed natively in 3D and is given a unique aged video look to enhance the 1970’s feel of the show.

The series is the largest and most challenging project yet for Enhanced Dimensions with each episode featuring multiple locations, guest actors and a funky 1970s soundtrack.

Producer Andrew Murchie says “This series is going to be our biggest yet – it’s cool, sexy and really, really silly. We’ve had a real laugh shooting the teaser video and I really hope that shows in the work. The cast and crew have quite literally thrown themselves into the work!”

“The video styling is fantastic too, this series looks like it has been stored on VHS tape for the last 30 years! If we had the budget for some classic cars the look would be complete.”

The series requires further funding to shoot the full episodes and is running an Indiegogo campaign to attempt to help with this. Donations from as little as £1 (GBP) will help to get the series made; larger donations offer a wide range of perks including set visits and Associate Producer credits. For top tier series sponsors Enhanced Dimensions is offering to shoot a spoof 70’s TV ad for your product or service to be included as part of the show.

For more details, teaser video & stills please visit


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