3D Stereo MEDIA Calls for Entries to the I3DS 3D Creative Arts Awards for EMENA

3DSM is one of the few places in the world where 3D experts can meet, exchange ideas, conceive projects, and conclude deals. We count on many of you to contribute papers, contents, and projects!

More information coming soon… but you can already mark your calendars: 3-6 December 2013, in Liège, Belgium.

Call for entries for I3DS’ “3D Creative Arts Awards” for EMENA

The International 3D Society (I3DS) has entrusted 3D Stereo MEDIA with the task of organizing its “3D Creative Arts Awards” for Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (EMENA).

You’ll find all the information for competing at I3DS-Europe Competitions.

By participating, and especially by winning, you’ll get instantaneous recognition from the S-3D heart of Hollywood!

Tenderers must be from the EMENA region.


Call for contents for our “International 3D Festival”

Do you have a great stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) content that you are proud of and that you want the whole wide world to discover? Do you want to win an award and to be featured at 3D Stereo MEDIA next December?

If so, we have the solution for you! Don’t hesitate and submit your S-3D content to the “International 3D Festival” of 3D Stereo MEDIA!

Please, take the time to look at our amazingly-broad array of categories, even including cartoons images and movies… Yes, even a single great S-3D cartoon image can win you an award … if you make the members of the jury laugh, of course!

You’ll find the call, regulations, and submission form at International 3D Festival.

Tenderers from anywhere in the world are invited to submit.


Call for projects for our “3D Content Financing Market”

Are you looking for money to bring to life a great idea for an S-3D content? Then, you may find it very appealing to participate in our “3D Content Financing Market”.

Why did we change the name of the market? Because, in casual conversations with several of you, including well-known S-3D movie-makers, we discovered that many of our readers and attendees thought that our market was a run-of-the-mill movie market… a place for selling and buying movies. This is absolutely NOT the case! In our market, you sell (or buy) ideas, not contents!

Our market is unique; there is no equivalent anywhere else on our 3D planet. The principle is simple: Producers submit projects for S-3D contents and, if preselected, they pitch their projects to a panel of investors (or investment angels), and, if the producers are convincing, they return home with a deal, and they start working on their dream project!

In the first two years of the market, we received submissions for a total budget of about 440,000,000.00 Euros!

The information at 3D Content Financing Market should give you an exact understanding of what this market is about, as well as all the information for submitting a project. Go for it: “Submit, pitch, and get money!”

Our market is now fully international! Producers from all over the world are invited to submit.


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