Sony Rolls the Dice on Vegas 12 Pro Suite

By Al Caudullo,

So I went all in and rolled the dice on Vegas 12 Pro Suite and came up a winner! Of course the deck was stacked in their favor with a true suite of software products that will carry you through any editing project. Let’s look at the hand you get dealt with Sony Vegas 12 Pro Suite.

First, you get totally revamped 64-bit version of the program. No more 32 bit or 64 bit. It’s all 64-bit for Sony Vegas 12. This will help increase stability and lightning fast responses to your editing commands.

The next two cards give you a couple of totally new software titles called Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 and Hit Film 2 Ultimate. These are a pair of Aces to keep up your sleeve when you need them.

A helpful pair of familiar cards are updated versions of DVD Architect 6.0 and Sound Forge Pro 10.0. Sony has also included a nice mix of Production Music as well a a special bonus. That bonus is a fantastic titling software that we at 3DGuy love called NewBlueFX Titler Pro.

So that’s the hand that Sony has dealt us. Let’s play and see how it all stacks up. [more...]


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