DaVinci 3D Becomes Rembrandt 3D and Shows Latest Autostereoscopic 3DTV at American Alliance of Museums Show

Rembrandt 3D (R3D) formerly DaVinci 3D, introduced its Glasses-Free Auto-Stereoscopic 3D (AS3D) Monitor with its “Picture Perfect” Maestro Tools at the American Alliance of Museums trade show in Baltimore Md.

Stated John Pecora , R3D VP of Operations, “The AAM show was our first out of the Lab and into the marketplace after our re-branding. Formerly operating as Davinci 3D, we have changed our name to Rembrandt 3D to avoid marketplace branding confusion.”

Displaying their latest Auto Stereoscopic 3D, (AS3D) glasses free 3DTV at the Hillmann & Carr booth at the AAM show, R3D received much attention and rave reviews.

Commented Al Hillmann: “We invited Rembrandt 3D to our booth at AAM because an earlier generation of its technology won a shootout to become the delivery platform for our 3D computer-animated production for the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands. It has been a standout success for us with a great client that demanded best-in-class technology in everything we created for them. When we first saw it… this is simply the most advanced AS3D we’ve seen.”

Hillmann Carr is an industry leader in the creative design and full-service production of museum media programs and exhibits. In its recently completed project at the Annenberg Estate, Sunnylands, in Rancho Mirage, California, Rembrandt 3D played a key role in providing the AS3D monitor hardware and in the 3D conversion of CGI and high definition 2D video shots for their three-minute film on the evolution of the famous Mid-century modern Annenberg Residence. The Annenberg Estate is now open to the public when not in use as the site of high-level events such as this week’s meeting of President Obama and Chinese Premier Xi.

R3D is gearing up for the international 3DTV Market by providing 3D content to its ROKU 3DTV site. This $60.00 retail black box easily allows ROKU consumer Internet Consumers to access 3D content for their living room TV.

In support of its international 3D content initiative, R3D has created a No-Risk ” Profit Sharing” 3D conversion strategy for content owners. R3D, at its own expense, will convert 2D content to 3D and offer a 50/50 % revenue split after ROKU costs. This strategy allows 2D libraries, archives, and content owners a risk-free opportunity to re-monetize 2D content via the R3D Internet & ROKU channel. Content owners interested in evaluating this option should contact R3D for details.

Stated CEO Blumenthal, “Our R3D tools enhance and optimizes the depth quality of the WOWvx 3DTV while supporting viewer ‘mastery’ via remote control of the depth adjustments,” Adding… “The Rembrandt 3D IP has been described as ‘the icing on the cake’, and supports market applications of B2B digital signage, entertainment, medical, military and QC market verticals. This is the first customer friendly, ‘Real 3DTV’ comparable to conventional 2DTV which is market ready NOW.”


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