Goat & Yeti Announces Stereoscopic 3D Camera Rig

Goat & Yeti, LLC, a stereoscopic 3D production house, announced the debut of their new stereoscopic 3D beamsplitter rig, The Robert Rig. In development for several years, the Robert Rig is the most affordable beamsplitter rig commercially available.

“The Robert Rig’s unique design allow for great results at a fraction of the cost of traditional beamsplitter rigs,” said Jesse Blanchard, principal designer of the Robert Rig. “Already, beta versions have won the top prizes at festivals competing with films shot on system costing 10x as much.”

The Robert Rig is custom machined out of aluminum and features a host of unique features including: custom inter-ocular scales to set depth; extra mounting holes for accessories; a patent-pending axis isolation calibration method, and mounts which can be easily reconfigured to accommodate different cameras. In addition, the rig ships with a free 3D alignment chart. Goat & Yeti also offers free 3D tutorials for customers.

“This rig is rock-solid; easy to use; and very affordable,’ says Blanchard. ‘We’ve taken all the features we want and packed it into the Robert Rig. We hope the price-point and ease of use open 3D up to a broader set of content creators.”

Goat & Yeti, founded in 2011 and headquartered in Portland, OR, provides stereoscopic content, editing, motion graphics and equipment. Their original 3D films have been awarded the Lumiere Award from the International 3D Society as well as top prizes from the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival.


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