3D Innovation Center Berlin Chooses Snell Kahuna 360 and IQ Modular Solution for 3D R&D Lab

Snell Is Silver Partner in Organization Working to Advance 3D Technologies and Applications in Media, Manufacturing, and Medicine

Snell today announced that the 3D Innovation Center Berlin (3DIC), a program of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI), has installed a Snell Kahuna 360 multi-format production switcher and a range of modules from the Snell IQ Modular family in its 3D research lab. Snell is a Silver Partner in the 3DIC, a consortium of key technology providers, media organizations, and researchers working to drive new developments in 3D technologies and applications.

Administered by the Fraunhofer HHI, the 3DIC launched in August 2012 as a platform for industry and scientific leaders to join forces and advance 3D’s adoption in entertainment and media, industrial production, and medicine. The 3DIC’s research lab is a development platform and testbed for 3D technologies, applications, and infrastructures, offering a structure for partners to test their own developments and collaborate through working groups and on joint 3D projects.

“A broad array of interests in many industry sectors are pushing developments in 3D production, content, and distribution, but most of these initiatives are stand-alone, with little or no interaction among the players. The 3DIC offers researchers in both the private and public sectors a platform and a precompetitive environment in which they can exchange views and opinions and put their products and systems to the test,” said Dr. Ralf Schäfer, chairman, 3DIC steering committee. “As one of the media industry’s premier providers of broadcast infrastructure solutions for 3D and 3Gbps operations, Snell is a highly valued partner — and the Kahuna 360 and IQ Modular systems provide an important technical foundation for our efforts.”

Snell consulting and SI partners Flying Eye and Pro Video provided installation services for the Snell solutions at the 3DIC. The Kahuna 360 offers a compact and powerful 3Gbps switcher for 3D productions in the 3DIC studio, providing the ability to switch stereoscopic 3D content using a single M/E and also serving as a routing switcher.

“We’re very honored to participate both as a partner and technology supplier in the 3DIC, which is providing an important forum for the development and advancement of 3D technologies and applications,” said Stefan Geradts, Snell sales director for Central and Eastern Europe. “Across our product portfolio, systems such as Kahuna 360 are 3D-ready and are being used to support 3D productions around the world. With features to support image processing, live production, automation, workflow control, and distribution within the 3D environment, Kahuna 360 enables broadcasters to leverage powerful, familiar tools to meet the rising demand for 3D content.”


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