SENSIO Integrates SENSIO 3D Decoder and SENSIO Autodetect in Barco HDX, HDF and HDQ Projector Series

Two industry pioneers team up to bring 3D to special events projection

SENSIO Technologies Inc. (“SENSIO”) (TSX VENTURE:SIO), a pioneer in 3D-image processing, today announced the integration of SENSIO® 3D Decoder – FFC (“3D Decoder”) and SENSIO® Autodetect (“Autodetect”) into Barco’s HD projector range, consisting of the HDX, HDF and HDQ series. These high-performance event projectors come with active 3D, extended wireless control features, built-in ImagePRO scaling technology and a preview mode. As a visualization expert and pioneer in digital cinema, Barco N.V. has perfected 3D projection and brought this expertise to the events market with the HD projectors.

“We are thrilled to work with a company which shares not only our rigorous image quality standards, but also our commitment to contributing to the success of our partners in the 3D industry”, said Alexis Skatchkoff, Product Manager at Barco N.V. “In this period when 3D is thriving, SENSIO’s solutions add powerful functionalities to our events projectors and are the perfect answer to our partners’ need for comprehensive 3D systems that operate smoothly. Thanks to SENSIO’s technology our projectors will be able to display perfect 3D images.”

SENSIO’s 3D Decoder and Autodetect offer manufacturers and end-users unprecedented flexibility by decoding and automatically detecting with high accuracy all the most commonly-used frame-compatible stereo 3D video formats (HDMI 1.4a): side-by-side, top-and-bottom, SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D, or a 2D signal. This is a huge plus in an industry that strives to reduce operator error and improve audience experience.

“We, at SENSIO, are dedicated to the constant evolution of our solutions, and we want to make our technologies as accessible as possible to the industry”, said Nicholas Routhier, SENSIO President and CEO. “To work with Barco, and to have our solutions be integrated in the high-end products of this renowned worldwide industry leader, is another great opportunity to expand the availability of our technologies. We believe that our promise to deliver a premium 3D viewing experience to everyone, everywhere, starts with a commitment to ease the work of the behind-the-scenes artisans. Operators who will use Barco’s range of SENSIO-enabled 3D equipment will see their work greatly simplified by our compatibility and usability-driven solutions.”

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