Tridelity Announces StereoRenderer Autodesk Maya Plug-In for Autostereoscopic 3D Content Creation

TRIDELITY announced the new Plug-in for Autodesk Maya®. This plugin gives Maya artists the possibility to create amazing ASD 3D Videos by simply activating the stereo capabilities offered by the plug-in. The Maya Plug-in offers a fun, easy to use and with a powerful preview capability that makes 3D content creation under Windows and Mac look like working on a normal animation. The TRIDELITY Maya plug-in and all other 3D plug-ins are available immediately.

TRIDELITY StereoRenderer for Maya – What’s inside:

Totally simple workflow (nearly the same as with a 2D-Camera)
Rendering out MV-Picture sequences and/or videos directly out of Maya
Incredibly comfortable preview for all TRIDELITY displays (single frames or sequences)
Deal with as many MV-Cameras in your scene as you want to
Easy adjustment of the camera’s 3D-Settings (individual for each MV-Camera)
Let a MV-Camera Rig be built by just one click
Invisible or opaque helping-planes? It’s your decision
Tune your scene by keyframing the camera’s 3D-Settings (separation and screenplane)
You can add or delete cameras to the scene on the fly (no reload of the plug-in needed)

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