Alioscopy Adds 24-Inch Glasses-Free 3D HD Screen to its Short View Range

Launch of a new short view 24″ screen, Alioscopy 3D HD 24″ SV, at an introductory retail price of 1995 € ex-works Paris. Offer valid until June 30, 2013.

Alioscopy launches a new Short View 24″ screen, ideal for POS applications as well as desktop use. It can be enjoyed at an ideal distance of 1.40 m (4′ 7″) and anywhere between 1.0 m (3′ 3″) and 3.0 m (9′ 10″). We are pleased to offer this new model at an introductory retail price of 1995 Euros (ex-works Paris, excluding sales taxes). This special offer will be valid until June 30, 2013. It includes a full license of our Alioscopy Mix & Play software suite, for content multiplexing and playback.

The SV range (Short View) consists of screens ideally seen from closer by. They create a more intimate relationship with the image. When showing identical content, SV screens will produce a milder 3D sensation than LV screens of equivalent size. This is a psychophysiological effect. In order to recover the sensation offered by the LV range, all it takes is to create content with a larger stereo base.

SV screens come in classic 8 viewpoints models, but also in 5 viewpoints models. The later can display sharper images because the resolution per viewpoint is higher. There is a trade-off though and the number of users who can watch the screens simultaneously is reduced. They are commonly used in professional real-time 3D imaging applications, where sharpness is of the essence (medical, CAD). The virtual camera model is calibrated to fulfill an orthoscopic sensation.

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