Shenzhen China Star Wins SID Display Industry Award for its 110-Inch 4K 3D LCD TV

The Society For Information Display Applauds Winners Of Display Industry Awards, Best In Show And I-Zone Award Recipients

SID’s Display Week 2013 has ended of its week-long stay at the Vancouver Convention Centre. At the Awards Luncheon, the society celebrated the winners of the Display Industry Awards, and show-related awards for Best in Show and I-Zone. This year’s winners include:


The winners of SID’s 18th annual Display Industry Awards are:

Display of the Year: Granted to a display with novel and outstanding features such as new physical or chemical effects, or a new addressing method.

Gold Award: Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) for Sharp’s IGZO LCD (as used in the AQUOS Phone Zeta SH-02E)
Silver Award: Shenzhen China Star’s 110-inch 4K x 2K 3D TFT-LCD TV

Display Application of the Year: Granted for a novel and outstanding application of a display, where the display itself is not necessarily a new device.

Gold Award: Apple’s iPad with Retina Display
Silver Award: Nokia Lumia 920

Display Component of the Year: Granted for a novel component (sold as a separate part and incorporated into a display) that has significantly enhanced a display’s performance. A component may also include display-enhancing materials and/or parts fabricated with new processes.

Gold Award: QD Vision’s Color IQ™ Optical Component
Silver Award: Sharp’s Moth-Eye Technology


The winners of the Display Week Best in Show Awards were also announced at the Awards Luncheon. These awards highlight the most significant new products and technologies showcased on the exhibit floor. The Best in Show winners are chosen for the significance of their development and/or product and for their ability to generate excitement within the display industry, along with the general public, global media and analyst communities. This year’s four winners were selected from more than 170 exhibitors that were demonstrating the innovations that continue to drive the display industry.

Large Exhibit Category:

3M for its quantum-dot color enhancement film (Booth #901)

Medium Exhibit Category:

E Ink for its three-pigment electronic paper display (Booth #1215)

Small Exhibit Category:

Cima NanoTech for its self-assembling silver nanoparticle mesh technology (Booth #1131)
Universal Display Corporation for its borderless flexible OLED lighting (Booth #514)


Debuting last year, the I-Zone showcases cutting-edge demos and prototypes that will lead to the products of tomorrow. This year’s winner of the “Best Prototype at Display Week” is:

Shinoda Plasma Co., Ltd., for a new film-type display using plasma tube arrays.

The Awards Luncheon also featured a very compelling closing keynote by Prof. Ronald A. Rensink from the Departments of Computer Science and Psychology at the University of British Columbia. Prof. Rensink’s talk, “When Vision Science Met Information Display,” provided an insightful look into the intersection of these two topics.

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