3D Video on Demand – Is there a demand?

By Andrew Murchie, Stereographer

Finding a market for independently produced 3D content is challenging; entry level requirements for delivering to 3D broadcast quality standards requires that you invest in high-end stereoscopic equipment along with hiring an equally high-end team to use it properly and unlike 2D there is a limited market for this product. 3D blu ray authoring and distribution isn’t financially viable for small time producers, and the bigger players seem only interested in typical big budget productions. In the meantime, talented and capable indie producers who might have been able to produce sufficient quality for broadcast in 2D on DSLRs look at 3D and steer clear of a whole word of pain and expense for what is seen as a limited niche market. So is there a market for 3D that isn’t produced with top end beam-splitter rigs using the latest 48fps, 4K cameras?

Interestingly yes, there is a wider market for Stereo 3D video than just Sky3D or 3net – there’s a whole host of small 3D VOD businesses offering a potential market for small scale indie producers.

Many of the 3D TV manufacturers offer their own 3D VOD Smart TV Apps with Sony offering short form natural history videos, film trailers and music videos amongst other pieces in its “3D Experience” app. LG’s VOD app “3D World” offers a small selection of videos predominantly (as of writing) city tours and some odd edutainment videos aimed at kids. Samsung similarly have a smart TV 3D ap with similar content. However access to these manufacturers platforms is limited, it’s highly unlikely that Sony’s marketing department will want to negotiate with you for your latest budget 3D masterpiece. Apart from the manufacturers own offering there are a variety of other 3D VOD providers currently live, or under development most of whom are easily accessible and willing to consider independently produced stereoscopic content. [more...]

Source: Enhanced Dimensions

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