3D Stereo MEDIA Announces Successful 3D Content Creation Event at Festival de Cannes 2013

New, wonderfully successful event on “3D content creation”

The four-hour event brought together in Cannes, on 16 May, over 100 S-3D experts and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Jim Chabin (President of I3DS told the attendees that this month and next summer were poised to become the best in the history of 3D ticket sales! The ten international speakers agreed that S-3D is mature, that its future looks extremely bright, and that this IS the best time ever to be in S-3D!

The workshop took place on the American Pavilion, and the networking reception on its deck overlooking the Mediterranean Sea!

In our view, this innovative event was the S-3D highlight of Festival de Cannes 2013! It was organized and sponsored in major part by 3D Stereo MEDIA (3DSM) and XPAND, with the help of I3DS, and with partial funding from Dolby and 21st Century 3D.

Calls for 3D Stereo MEDIA 2013

During the Cannes workshop, we announced three of the ways in which you can actively participate to the 5th edition of 3DSM and possibly get your work featured and win awards. For this, you just need to submit:

- an S-3D content (movies,…) to the International 3D Festival and/or the I3DS-Europe Competitions, and/or
- a project for an S-3D content to the 3D Film Mart.

The 3D Film Mart is a co-production market where you can pitch your project for an innovative S-3D content to investors, financiers, and co-producers. This market appears to be the first, and the only one, of its kind in the world.


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