SeeFront Glasses-Free 3D Display Technology Gets Nomination for German Innovation Award 2013

SeeFront GmbH has been nominated for the German Innovation Award 2013. The Hamburg-based company’s glasses-free 3D display technology convinced the jury to name SeeFront as one of three finalists in the Small Enterprises and Start-ups category. The winners will be announced at a black-tie event in Munich on April 26th. SeeFront is the only company from Northern Germany among all the finalists.

“Being on the shortlist for the German Innovation Award is a great honor. It is similar to the ‘Oscars’ – being nominated is an achievement in itself”, said SeeFront’s founder and CEO Christoph Grossmann. To be named as one of the most innovative companies in Germany fits in with SeeFront’s plans for the future. “2013 is an important milestone for SeeFront’s development as a technology leader for glasses-free 3D”, said Grossmann.

This year SeeFront takes the strategic leap from a technology provider and licensor role to becoming a 3D display manufacturer. In May SeeFront will launch the company’s first display product, a 23’’ OEM component, at SID Display Week in Vancouver. Serial production by an experienced assembler will start in late 2013; a first major order has already been placed by an OEM customer. Additionally, SeeFront is seeking external funding to expand its international business to new markets and to bring its own 3D monitor product to the market.

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