Lightworks Design Demos Stereoscopic 3D Technology at Develop3D Live

Lightworks, the world’s leading supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, is pleased to again be partnering with AMD at the Develop3D Live event later this month.

Lightworks will be demonstrating stereoscopic 3D technology running on an AMD FirePro graphics card, within its Lightworks Artisan product. Visitors to the Company’s stand, #33, will be able to interact with this technology in Lightworks real-time to see the improved performance that the AMD card offers.

Dave Forrester, Managing Director at Lightworks commented; “As part of our ongoing commitment to provide customers with a wide range of visualisation technologies, we’re pleased to be able to demonstrate stereoscopic 3D capability through Lightworks Artisan. Visitors to our stand will be able to see greater perceived realism as our Artisan 3D models really come to life!”

Robert Jamieson, ISV Manager EMEA Workstation Graphics, added; “We’re really pleased when an important ISV (Independent Software vendor) like Lightworks showcases the use of some of our technology, in this case the Stereo 3D in their Artisan product. Stereo is a very useful tool when looking at a design to understand how 3D objects and scenes actually work. With all the other advantages of the lifelike renderer in Artisan, the fact it’s used in so many important design applications and now being shown at the UK’s premier design event, what’s not to like?”

To watch a demonstration of this technology, visit Lightworks on stand #33 at Develop3D Live.

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