Sisvel Technology Shows 3DZ Tile Format for Improved Glasses-Free Viewing at NAB Show

Stand SU3715

Sisvel Technology and Partners 3D Impact Media and Triaxes Introduce the Latest Technology to Meet Every Viewer’s Needs for 3D TV

At Sisvel Technology’s booth no. SU3715 at the 2013 NAB Show, visitors will find vivid demonstrations of a wide variety of display technologies (3D displays, 2D displays, glasses-free 3D displays). Sisvel Technology’s innovative 3D Tile Format, together with cropping rectangle technology, offers viewers better resolution than traditional 3D formats, and backward compatibility with 2D HD TVs, while providing broadcasters the ability to stream 3D and 2D programming in a single, bandwidth-efficient stream.

The 3DZ Tile Format technology, an evolution of 3D Tile Format, developed by Sisvel Technology and its Russian partner Triaxes, which specializes in software and hardware solutions for autostereoscopic displays, simplifies and improves glasses-free 3D TV and may also be the key technology that reduces 3D TV costs. Triaxes has added Z (Depth) information into the Sisvel Technology 3D Tile format, leading to the creation of 3DZ Tile, the first universal display-independent format, which can provide users with proper video playback regardless of the type of displays (common 2D, glasses 3D and glasses-free 3D). Creating a Depth Map at the broadcaster’s premises facilitates the synthesis of intermediate views for autostereoscopic displays, successfully offloading on broadcasting systems the computation normally present in the TV.

Sisvel Technology’s Tile Format is now fully supported by 3D Impact Media’s RealityBox, the real-time content conversion box for glasses-free 3D TVs. Supporting the Tile Format, the RealityBox also allows the viewing for any display, whether 2D, stereo 3D or glasses-free 3D from a single stream, in full HD resolution. The RealityBox decodes, converts and scales in real time the stream from the Tile Format.

Triaxes’s CEO Alexey Polyakov stated: “We think that the universal 3DZ Tile format can be the future of broadcasting as there can be only one stream to be broadcasted and all are happy. It means it doesn’t matter what type of display a viewer has (regular 2D TV-set, 3D glasses or 3D glasses free display). The 3DZ Tile format is compatible with all of them, which will considerably reduce broadcasting costs.”

3D Impact Media’s CEO Laurent Muller went on to say: “We are proud to support the 3D Tile Format in the RealityBox and to contribute to the universal solution that enables broadcasting in a cost-effective way for all kinds of different displays, especially for glasses-free 3D! We believe that this will open the door for this exciting technology!”

Sisvel Technology’s CEO Andrea Basso added: “Our technology is improving quickly and we are proud to have established relevant cooperation with international partners. The 3D glasses-free technology is likely to be the key for the take-off of 3D television and in the not too distant future, glasses-free 3D TVs will have a more consumer-friendly price and improved picture quality, as manufacturers integrate the Tile Format technology and broadcasters deliver 3D content with the Tile Format.”

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