Binocle 3D Shows Latest Versions of its TaggerLive and TaggerMovie Stereo 3D Correction and Analysis Tools at NAB 2013

Booth C12049

Binocle 3D will be NAB 2013 (Las Vegas). For this event, it share e a booth with partner Thalès-Angénieux.

Binocle 3D will exhibit the lastest version of its correction software the Binocle TaggerLive, specially développed for capture and broadcast in real time.

Professional movies makers will also find the correction 3D software, Binocle TaggerMovie, a compact and lighweightt system working on an Apple MacBook.


Designed by stereographers and developed by professionals in stereoscopy, TaggerMovie is the perfect tool for your stereoscopic productions.

Easily carried thanks to its small size, TaggerMovie’s on-set monitoring will help you improve your setting efficiency and obtain the exact depth you are looking for, thanks to a large range of featured tools:

calibration data, to speed the rig’s setting up
virtually any visualization method
numerous monitoring tools, such as zoom, pixel grid, crosshair, shift, and so on
instant visual feedback, with easy to understand and visual depth cues
depth histogram and depth alarms when going over your defined boundaries or violating the stereoscopic window
data on the correction that should be applied in post-production, for eyestrain-free composition and depth management

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