P+S Technik Previews ASP 3D Compact Side-by-Side Stereo 3D Camera System and Upgrades Micro Rig Motorisation

Stand C8240

P+S Technik is showing a mock-up prototype of a compact mirrorless side-by-side stereo camera system. Under the working title ASP 3D, the camera is designed to be an affordable, lightweight, highly-functional and fully-automated stereo system. The project is being funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and is being driven by Fraunhofer, Zeiss, P+S Technik and KUK Film Production. Employing extremely compact processing platforms and high-quality zoom lenses, ASP 3D’s on-board intelligence allows sophisticated realtime computation, providing on-the fly scene analysis and related stereo alignment. This includes geometric/colorimetric correction of the stereo images on-set and, if desired, automatic adjustment of inter-axial distance and horizontal image translation (HIT), resulting in robust design without any mechanical calibration required prior to shooting.

“The ASP 3D offers guaranteed stereo perfection with no more time-consuming stereo rigging necessary,” says Stephan Gick of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, “It’s as easy as 2D!”

The ASP 3D has a modular design and supports interchangeable lenses, motors and sensors, as well as existing accessories. It also includes all of the major electrical interfaces such as HDMI, BNC, USB, Ethernet, Triax, etc.


Lenses and Imaging system
- extremely compact zoom lenses.
- highest optical performance.
- focal range: 8-30mm.
- T2.8 aperture (over full zoom range).
- support of HD and beyond.
- newest 2/3″ imaging technology.
- smart realtime on-board processing.

- weight: app. 3.2 kg (ASP set-up).
- size: 180 x 150 x 240 (w x h x d in mm).
- IO: 42-100mm (up to lens and capture modules).
- standardized mechanical interfaces.
- support of existing accessories.
- major electrical interfaces supported.

- Compact and robust mirrorless camera system
- Small form factor, light weight, easy handling
- No wasting rigging time.
- APP-based set-up control.
- Scene-adaptive automated stereo adjustment.
- Support of unmanned operation, automated adjustment of HIT, baseline and zoom.
- Modular system design.
- Exchangeable components (lenses, motors, sensors).
- Revolutionary integrated zoom lens design
- Smart realtime onboard processing

Micro Rig Upgrades

Also on show at the P+S stand is the Micro Rig, featuring complete motorisation using a Cmotion remote control. Now IO and convergence plus image correction adjustment – up/down, tilt and roll – can be motorised and remotely controlled either by the stereographer with an LCS-like Cmotion or in a broadcast environment using a tool such as Stereolabs.

For those interested in underwater shooting, P+S is showing a ‘making of’ video about underwater caves in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, featuring the new DeepSee-X underwater housing.


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