Indiecam Showcases its indieGS2K Camera in 2D and 3D Set-Ups at NAB Show

The World’s smallest 2k-RAW camera, the indieGS2K, is used on major feature film productions like Ron Howard’s RUSH and Danny Boyle’s TRANCE. It features Global Shutter, 120 fps, RAW-Over-HD-SDI recording, CinemaDNG workflow, and there is no need for an external CCU (Camera Control Unit).

At NAB 2013 we are showcasing production-ready 2D and 3D setups with our cameras. For example two indieGS2Ks recording 3D-RAW to the Gemini 4:4:4 Recorder on the new Minirig – a tiny 3D beamsplitter Rig for our cameras by Furthermore, we present new recording options, system accessories and multicamera tools. Also check out our CinemaDNG workflow demos!

Come and see what’s new at our Booth C12730.

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