Quantel Releases V2 Software for Pablo Rio with Realtime 4K Support

New software unlocks the full power of the Pablo Rio platform

Quantel today released Pablo Rio V2. V2 is a 64-bit application that unlocks the full power of the Pablo Rio PC platform. Pablo Rio V2 supports realtime 4K 16-bit, offering multiple color correction cascades at 4K with realtime playback. The free of charge V2 software upgrade delivers even greater performance and interactivity to all Pablo Rio customers.

64-bit Pablo Rio runs on high performance PC hardware, and utilizes NVIDIA Maximus multi-GPU technology with CUDA-enabled GPUs to deliver fantastic interactivity and maximum throughput. Client attended sessions can take full advantage of Pablo Rio’s performance and comprehensive toolset to deliver better results on time and without compromise.

V2 also includes new developments to speed working with Sony F65 files and the Canon C500 camera. Both software and turnkey Pablo Rio systems integrate into today’s data-centric post pipelines and now work across a wide range of data formats including high frame rate, Stereo3D, OpenEXR, RED HDRx, Sony F65, Arri RAW, Phantom and Go Pro.

V2 adds further new features including support for P2 Class 100 and Class 50 AVCi encoding for MXF export, full auto render and MLTFX render bin for background rendering and video stretch render format choices.

Quantel Marketing Director, Steve Owen, said, “V2 really powers up Pablo Rio. It’s great to be able to give existing customers new levels of performance and interactivity with a free software upgrade. And this is just the beginning for Pablo Rio, there’s loads more exciting developments to come.”


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