Stereotec Shows its Lightweight Rig with a Live Automatic Alignment Solution at NAB Show

Booth C7940, NAB 2013

The award winning 3D company STEREOTEC (booth C7940) will show its bestselling 3D rig – the Lightweight Rig Premium – for the first time with complete 11 axes motorization driven by a Chrosziel Aladin Control System – the rig is supported by a Live Automatic Alignment Solution that makes 3D recording easy and cost effective by keeping the highest level of quality at the same time.

STEREOTEC will show the Lightweight Rig in a handheld configuration with two ARRI Alexa M and ARRI Alura Zooms. It is also possible to use the Lightweight Rig on a steadycam, tripod or crane. The Lightweight Rig combines accuracy and user friendly design with the best stability on the market. The rig provides also Metadata-recording to make VFX work efficient.

Besides the Lightweight Rig, STEREOTEC will show the smallest 3D mirror rig available: The Nano Rig with two Cunima Nano. On the WIGE booth the Side-by-Side Mini is shown. Stereolabs (booth OE957) will show a fully motorized Lightweight Rig on their booth together with Autocon – automatic convergence that makes 3D recording very cost efficient for broadcast, concerts and documentary.

Last but not least STEREOTEC is proud to be able to show its amazing and award winning 3D footage on a 3D Monitor – Stereographer Florian Maier and his Stereotec Team was just awarded with 5 Lumiere Creative Awards for Outstanding Achievement from the International 3D Society in Hollywood.

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