LMC Live Motion Concept Introduces New Antelope Highspeed Cameras at NAB Show

Antelope MkIIs® – PhantomPowered – The HD Broadcast Ultra Slow Motion Turnkey Solution

Antelope PICO® – The HD Broadcast POV Ultra Slow Motion.

Antelope MkIIs® is the newest product within the Antelope Highspeed Camera Family.

The camera is PhantomPowered and based on the 642 chip. The Camerabody and the Controllers have been designed to match the look-and-feel of a standard broadcast camera. Antelope MkIIs records frame rates of up to 5,800fps in 720p and 2,700fps in 1080i. Image Quality and light-sensitivity is outstanding an defines a new standard in Ultra-Slow-Motion technology.

Major features are CONTINUOUS RECORDING, which means that a second video output is available for continuous shooting even during replay playout. It can be used with any broadcast lens due to a unique lens adaption system. Both eyepiece Viewfinder and HD LCD Viewfinder are available – both feature TALLY LIGHT. Return signals are switchable. It´s more light sensitive due to the new 642 chip and improved signal processing. The Antelope MkIIs uses standard SMTPE-fibre cables with LEMO connectors.

LMC has specially focussed on professional broadcast controls to make the system easy to operate for any broadcast engineer with no intense training required.

The RCP and OCP have broadcast standard dimensions so they can be easily integrated into any OB facility. All broadcast standard functions are implemented in the controls. The RCP features triggering, live triggering, multiple recording banks, lever with dynamic playback speed change, programmable mark-points for live replay, tally, speed-up function etc. The OCP is comparable with a standard broadcast camera OCP with all necessary controlls like
black/white levels and references, pre-selection of stored matrixes, framerate and shutter speed adjustment, saturation, gamma, chroma, gain and individual colorcontrol plus a fast and precise iris control with a sensitive lever.

The LMC-exlusive DE-FLICKERING solution which eliminates lighting related flickering is available as an add-on to all ANTELOPE products.

Additional products like ANTELOPE AIR® (which is the fully wireless solution), FalconCAM (gyro-stabilized Ultra-Slow-Motion) and ANTELOPE3D are also available.

The Antelope PICO® is the first POV style UltraSlowMotion system. It´s based on a 2K full HD sensor and supplies simultaneous live and a replay output with up to 340 frames/second.


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